Exposition of Mark (Englisch)


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Autor William Kelly
Sprache englisch
Hersteller Sonstige Verlage

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To some people, the apparent discrepancies in the Gospels give great difficulty. To the author of this book, they spring from the wisdom of the Spirit of God who impressed on each inspired writer a special design.

For example, Mark presents the Son of God as "...the One who, according to prophecy, presented Himself to the Jews as the Servant of Jehovah and the Prophet of Israel, sent to them to preach the Gospel."

A special feature is the Introduction, which provides a bird's eye view... a short summary of the Gospel as a whole.

Mr. Kelly was one of the remarkable men whom God used mightily to expound His precious Word.

When many of his ecclesiastical contemporaries had capitulated to biblical criticism which deeply undermined confidence in the inspired Word of God, Mr. Kelly remained true to "...the faith once for all delivered to the saints."

Mr. Kelly was an outstanding scholar who deeply loved the Word of God and the precious Savior of whom it speaks from cover to cover.

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