Studies in the Minor Prophets, Vol 2: Joel Amos


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Autor Brian Reynolds
ISBN-13 978-1-772719-86-4
Seiten 272
Bindung Paperback (pb)
Sprache englisch
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Studies in the Minor Prophets is a seven volume commentary series on these twelve neglected but vitally important prophetic books. They are commonly called ‘minor’ due to their size in comparison with the larger prophetic books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, but this does not mean they are minor in importance. They reveal the low spiritual state of the people of Israel and their subsequent bondage to the Gentile powers. However, these prophetic Scriptures go far beyond describing the history and moral state of Israel, the Holy Spirit who penned them declares the first and second coming of Messiah and His glorious kingdom. This commentary series is non-technical—written with the everyday reader of the Bible in mind—yet it is an in-depth treatment with a verse-by-verse exposition throughout.

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